Automotive Glass

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Automotive Glass

All car manufactures have to meet the required standards; these standards ensure the safety of the passengers.

For the windshield Glass, it has to be laminated which is 2 pane of glass with a PVB interlayer which ensures the safety of the passenger in case of any accident or a sharp object thrown at the windshield. In any of these cases the windshield will break but not fall apart, which will allow the driver to still get where he needs to go.

For the windows in automotive the glass used is tempered which is hard to break but when it does it falls into small pieces that’s not dangerous. So in case of accident and the passengers are trapped in the car these are the glass they can break to get out without getting hurt.

At Dr. Greiche we meet all European Standard; we’re the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of several brands in Egypt like Nissan, Suzuki, General Motors, MCV…ETC

We have more than 70 locations that install the aftermarket glass, and a great variety of more than 400 car brands and models.

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