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Security Glass

 Burglarproof Glass: This type of glass is toughened to prevent manual attacks with sharp instruments; its thickness varies between 11 and 25 mm varying its weight. All burglarproof glass sheets are according to the International Standards and Specifications
Bulletproof Glass: Bulletproof glass thickness varies from 20 to 80 mm making it resistant to different types of guns. Its standard size for vehicles can reach 100 x 145 cm. For buildings a maximum of 200 cm x 145 cm, yet thicknesses, dimensions and weight specifications can be adjusted according to client needs. All our security glass products are tested & approved by the Egyptian Armed Forces Technical Research Center. A two-year guarantee against layers separation is given for all security glass products.
All bulletproof glass sheets are according to the International Standards:
German standard
(DIN 52290-Part 2, DIN 52290-Part 4, DIN 52290-Part5)
British standard (BS 5051-Part 2) , American standard (UL 752) , European standard (EN 1063)
Anti-explosive Glass is also available in our factories.

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Benefits of Security Glass


1. Increased Safety And Security

Security glass is thicker and stronger than regular glass, making it more difficult to break. This can help to increase the safety and security of your home or building by reducing the risk of break-ins or accidents

2. Protection From Extreme Weather

Security glass can also provide protection from extreme weather events, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. It can help to prevent debris from entering your home or building, reducing the risk of injury or damage

3. Reduced Noise Pollution

Security glass can also help to reduce outside noise, making your home or building more peaceful and comfortable. This can be especially beneficial if you live in a noisy urban area or near a busy road.

4. UV Protection

Some types of security glass also provide UV protection, which can help to prevent fading of furniture, carpets, and other materials in your home or building

5. Increased Property Value

Security glass can also increase the value of your home or building, making it a worthwhile investment in the long term

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