DG4 Automotive

A Comprehensive Overview of the Glass Manufacturing Company

DG4 is a renowned glass manufacturer that has been in operation since 2010. With its four production lines, DG4 specializes in producing high-quality glass products for several industries, including automotive, facades, buses, boats, and yachts.

Automotive Production Lines

DG4’s Automotive section consists of two production lines: ESU and DELTA. ESU has a monthly capacity of 15,350 square meters, while DELTA has a monthly capacity of 21,621 square meters. The Automotive section produces various types of glass, including automotive windshields, truck windshields, Toktok front glass, and car panorama glass.

Buses Production Lines

The Buses section of DG4 includes three production lines: SBF1, SBF2, and SBF3. The total monthly capacity of these three lines is 9,228 square meters. The buses line manufactures a range of glass products, including buses windshields, buses laminated back glass, buses laminated sail, and buses laminated banners.

MU Production Line

The MU production line has a monthly capacity of 374 square meters. This line produces various types of glass products, such as yachts glass, fridge glass, curved glass, and furniture glass.

Flat Laminated Glass Production Line

The flat laminated glass production line has a monthly capacity of 7,020 square meters. This line manufactures several types of glass products, including security glass, squash courts glass, curved tempered glass, handrails, facades, and shower cabins.

DG4 has four production lines that cater to various industries. The factory produces an extensive range of glass products, including windshields for different types of vehicles, curved glass for furniture and yachts, and laminated glass for buses and banners.