The Premier Glass Factory for Facades and Architectural Glass

DG6 is a state-of-the-art glass factory specializing in the production of high-quality facades and architectural glass. With its cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology, DG6 is capable of producing a wide range of glass products, including single glass, laminated glass, and insulated glass.

At DG6 factory, we specialize in the production of various types of facades glass and architectural glass. Our glass products include:

• Single glass: With a maximum size of 2.85m x 6m and thickness of up to 20mm.

Laminated glass: We produce triplex and multi-layered glass with a maximum size of 3m x 6m and thickness of up to 80mm.

• Isolated glass: We offer double, triple, and stepped glass with a maximum size of 3m x 5m and thickness of up to 60mm.

Our advanced machinery includes:

• Cutting machine: Our combined cutting and edge deletion machine is capable of processing low-E coated glass sheets with emissivity of at least 0.018, with a maximum glass size of 3.21m x 6m. Cutting and edge deletion are done in a single process.

• Edging and mitering: We use vertical edging machines to produce flat edge and arrises for low-E coated glass sheets with emissivity of at least 0.018. Glass thickness can range from 2mm to 60mm, with a minimum glass size of 50mm x 50mm. Our machines are capable of producing miters ranging from 0 to 45 degrees, with a minimum glass size of 100mm x 100mm for a miter of 22.5 degrees and 140mm x 140mm for a miter of 45 degrees.

• Water jet cutting system: Our water jet cutting system can work with glass up to 4m x 2.5m x 180mm in size, allowing for plate processing and blanking, precision parts processing, glass deep processing, and composite processing.

• NRG 420 Power Jet: This machine is designed for inside/outside edging, drilling, milling, writing and engraving by diamond candle tools, and straight and shaped polished engraving. It can handle glass dimensions of up to 4.2m x 2.3m and thickness ranging from 3mm to 100mm. The patented device PowerJet allows for the direction and refrigeration of water jets for the tools on the glass profile, resulting in longer tool life, increased working speed, and minimal setup times. The PAV patented system allows for automatic positioning of suction cups and centering devices on the work table, reducing setup times by 30-40% compared to the standard system.

• Full convection tempering furnace: Our furnace can handle glass up to 2.85m x 6m in size and thickness ranging from 4mm to 19mm. Its productivity is 135m2/hr for 10mm thickness. It is suitable for clear float glass, coated glasses (including all kinds of hard coated glass and all tenderable soft coated glass), patterned glass, tinted glass, and low-e glass with emissivity of at least 0.018.

Laminated glass line: Our laminated glass line can handle glass sizes of up to 3000mm x 6000mm and a minimum glass size of 450mm x 450mm, with a thickness range of 6mm to 80mm. It is suitable for low-E glass with emissivity of at least 0.018, and can produce multiple layers of glass at a productivity rate of up to 720m2/hr.

• I.G line: Our I.G line can handle unit sizes of up to 3000mm x 5000mm and a minimum size of 35cm x 18cm, with glass thickness ranging from 2.3mm to 19mm and unit thickness ranging from 10mm to 60mm. Its productivity is 100 M2 / hr, and it is capable of producing regular double glass, shaped double glass, 4 sided stepped glass up to 55 mm on the driving side and 140 mm for other sides, as well as triple I.G units. The I.G line is suitable for Low Glass (Emissivity ≥ 0.018) and utilizes advanced technology to ensure high quality and precision in the production process.